Since mathematics is one of the core subjects in Secondary Education, the School has structured this department in order to help  in the mission of providing quality education to students by ensuring students’ demands in relation to mathematics are met promptly, adequately and effectively.

Our main objective has been to demystify and popularize Mathematics as a subject in our school.

This department currently comprises of a strong and able team of two namely:
*  Mr. Otieno John.
* Mr. Obondo Martin. 

In our attempt to spearhead the educational goals, the department has played a key role in equipping students with both simple and technical techniques of handling mathematical problems. This has helped in eradicating students’ poor attitude towards mathematics and activated positive interest in the subject, thus improving mathematics performance in the school.

The introduction of ICT in the school has helped the department at length in embracing technology, thus simplifying various complex solutions into simpler ones which are easily understood by students.

ICT presentations also act as enticement  as some student with poor attitude see it as source of entertainment but later change their attitude in mathematics positively forever.

Other propellers are:
• Prompt effective syllabus coverage,
• Formation of fully active and effective mathematics club, which boasts of being the club with the largest enrolment in the school. It is held every Tuesday from 4.30pm-5.20pm, under guidance of the mathematics teachers and mathematics club officials.
• Interclass contests, on the basis of form2 Vs form1 and form3 Vs form4, held every Sunday from 4pm-5.20pm, where the leading class takes the winner’s trophy.

It is our pleasure as a department to say that, even-though the school is still young and mathematics challenges are varied and numerous, the department has managed to register consistent positive results in the subject at KCSE level out of the three attempts.

Finally we would like to give special thanks to the school administration, teachers, parents and other stakeholders who have supported the Mathematics Department.



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