Science Department


  The existence of this departments at various levels ensures that works is done as per the laid down rules, and regulations. In a school, various departments whose main aim is to foster academic and co-curriculum activities exists.

Science department as one of the backbone of secondary education plays a great role in the nurturing of students’ abilities in terms of academic excellence and their day to day activities within their environment. For this reason, it’s of great value if we discuss about science department in our School.

       Since the inception of 8-4-4 system of education and even before, science has been one of the major driving forces in education system. Many technological inventions have come up because of science. Even today the changes that take place globally all rely on science. However it’s of great concern that we discuss some of the objectives of science both at school level and to some extent on the general life existence. Some of the objectives of science include the following:-

• It enables the learners to understand their environment
• It also develops critical thinking that makes learners to acquire scientific skills, competencies and attitudes that are relevant to the society.
• It also fosters scientific innovations that enable learner to develop skills to come up with solutions for contemporary issues within the society.
• It enables learners to acquire knowledge on participatory approach in solving problems hence building team work.
•  It promotes international consciousness and therefore fostering positive attitudes towards other nations especially when people from different places, nations or regions come together in certain forums of that affects the whole world

Science being practical as well as theoretical it requires many facilities.  They are as follows.
• A laboratory that is near completion with major apparatus and instruments for the three subjects.
• A variety of textbooks for the three major subjects (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
•  Conducive offices within the laboratory as well as a preparation room.

• Inadequate apparatus and instruments for the three science subjects.
• Shortage of government teachers to  handle the three subjects effectively.

Despite the challanges faced in the department, we have been progressively posting an improvement in science subjects over the past three years.

We believe that within the currents teams of science teachers and co-operative students we will be able to attain our target of getting better grades in science subjects that will enable better grades for the sciences.

It is therefore our wish that the inception of ICT in our teaching programmers will attract well-wishers both from the surrounding and outside the region to come up and support us in attaining out objectives of getting better grades.

Teaching staff


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